“Next stop – Datopia”

The Data Point - Showing the Data Journey

As the days tick by the relentless collection of data accelerates. To an extent we are all willing accomplices in this journey. Occasional events remind us of why we can access games and communication channels for “free”. And then there are the sporadic news articles where there have been data breaches or malevolant use of… Read more »

Will Agile+DevOps Undermine Data Governance?

“How can we deliver systems with more agility and clearer demonstrable benefit than ever before, and yet retain effective Data Governance?” As we are all aware, many organisations have questioned why they are unable to deliver systems with the agility and rapidity that they desire. Even when systems have been delivered, they sometimes didn’t fit… Read more »

Planning a Data Journey Anytime Soon?

With increasing frequency, organisations are undertaking journeys that require operational and associated technical and data transformations. Some of these are small, others quite radical, but all come with some degree of risk. Despite this, the organisations believe that these journeys are worth taking because the destination will deliver tangible benefits, including for example: cost savings… Read more »

Is The Data Model Finished Yet?

Naturally, this title caught my attention. Intrigued, I read on. The article argued that with the advent of Big Data, we no longer need to waste effort putting together, often complex and time consuming data models. In this transformed data landscape, everything can be developed rapidly to meet a specific set of requirements. As soon… Read more »