True Agility From Agile+DevOps: How to boost Agile through assured Data Governance

A Paperback edition by Dave Knifton

The Data Point - True Agility From Agile and Devops Book


Many organisations question why they are unable to deliver systems with the agility and rapidity that they would like. In response, Agile dovetailed with DevOps, offers organisations the promise of a development agility that will underpin innovations in Products, Services and Operational processes.
However, not all stakeholders are quite as enthusiastic about this promise. The idea of insulating the development Teams, so that they can just ‘get on with it’ and deliver features to ‘delight their customers’, runs counter to the instincts of many Architects.
Even though they share the ambitions of Agile DevOps, they fear that it can become an uncontrolled ‘developer charter’ resulting in development that undermines co-ordinated and governed delivery. Ultimately, this could cause fragmentation of the Enterprise vision, and possibly a breakdown of system interoperability.
This view suggests that Agile DevOps and Enterprise Data Architecture are intrinsically at loggerheads, and that there will always be a trade-off; more control stifling agility, or more agility loosening control.
But there is another way.
This book takes the reader step by step through an approach to the integration of Agile DevOps and Data Governance that retains control of its data, and yet delivers enhanced development agility.

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Book Testimonials

“The prizes from Agile development mean nothing if, as a result, we lose control of our data. This book is a critical resource, clearly describing the techniques through which we can avoid this pitfall, and instead, deliver the potentially dramatic rewards from both Agile and Data Governance.” - Reem Zahran, Operations & IT Director, Kantar Media

“Just ‘doing' Agile doesn't work, what’s required is a cultural shift to embrace Agile. What this book explains, is how to make the required Agile cultural shift, yet still remain compliant through effective Data Governance. This is, of course, absolutely essential for so many companies, especially those in Finance.” - Rob Webb, General Manager, International Financial Services, Commonwealth Bank

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