Enterprise Data Architecture: How to Navigate its landscape

A Paperback edition by Dave Knifton


Are you looking to make better use of data captured within your organisation or want to learn more about how Data Architecture can transform your operations?

Answering these questions is at the very heart of Enterprise Data Architecture – How to  navigate its landscape. By reading this book you will learn how to:

Introduce or improve the Data Architecture function of your organisation

Enhance your skills in this domain to personally deliver more effectively

You may be wondering how a book can do this if it knows nothing about where you are now, or where you want to be? It can, because by leveraging its principles you will discover how to create optimised routes to achieve your own Data Architectural objectives.

Basic building blocks, concepts and models are defined, enabling you to create new or adapt existing frameworks appropriate for any data landscape. Practical tips and suggestions are also described throughout, helping you gain immediate improvements from the way you work.

So if you are a Data Architect or deal with data in your organisation and want to learn how to transform the positive outcomes from its data, then this book is for you!

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Book Testimonials

“David has been there and dealt with the issues, which is why this book is an outstanding resource for Data Architects and indeed anyone dealing with the serious challenges of an enterprise data landscape.”– Richard Rendell, Technical Services Director, AgeSmart

“An essential read for anyone wishing to practically achieve more benefit from data for their organisation within today’s constraints.”– Reem Zahran - Director, Offering Development, IMS Health

“This book provides a comprehensive set of tools enabling you to improve the business outcomes from your organisation’s use of data.”– Andrew Rowland, Global Head Database Engineering, UBS

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