datagility – powering data-driven success for tomorrow’s organisations

A Paperback edition by Dave Knifton


Many organisations claim to be data-centric. But how many of them have successfully meshed their various internal strata or harmonised strategic direction with system delivery? To guarantee successful agility we must start by taking a step back to simplify and understand our organisations’ relationship with data.

Only from this firm foundation, can we build step by step to position data at the organisation’s heart and ensure the agile delivery of business focussed value.

This guidebook should be read by everyone who has a stake in the data-driven success of their organisation from the C-suite to the codeface . It describes the practical techniques required to deliver sustainable data agility that will energise organisational strategy and generate increased business value.

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Book Testimonials

"For our organisations to succeed they must become truly agile and be data driven at their core. Simply adopting the expected Agile DevOps approach will not deliver this by itself. A determined cultural shift to form a powerful data-centric and fast-paced delivery partnership between the business and system delivery is necessary. This is no longer an option but a must-do - this book details exactly how this can be achieved" Reem Zahran, Chief Information Officer - VISTRA

"Dave Knifton cleverly bridges the gap between the camps of business and data architects. Datagility pedagogically describes the path to data centricity, by using data as the powerful tool it is to deliver insights, drive innovation and guarantee commercial success. An essential read for anyone with a passion for data!" Vanessa Eriksson, Chief Data Officer

"Organisations can't ignore the relevance of data and the C-suite cannot afford to be data-shy anymore. The world is changing rapidly around us - it's paramount that organisations are strongly rooted in their data. Datagility brings into sharp relief the importance of data-centric thinking. A simple read, highlighting simple sustainable strategies to make it achievable. A must have in your library." Karthic Wood (HBS MBA), Serial Entrepreneur & CEO Skandaa UK

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