The Data Model Toolkit: Simple Skills To Model The Real World

This book is a key resource that explains step by step, the essential skills required to rigorously construct and quality assure Logical Data Models. It also defines the processes required for organisations to successfully adopt them, and so align their systems, operations and strategic direction. No technical background is required to gain a full benefit from the book, it and is relevant for all organisations and data realms. It provides numerous explanations, examples, check lists and templates to provide the reader with a wealth of practical material that will speed their ability to start data modelling effectively and confidently.


Enterprise Data Architecture: How to Navigate its landscape

Are you looking to make better use of data captured within your organisation or want to learn more about how Data Architecture can transform your operations? This book provides principles and models that are appropriate to use within any framework, or even the absence of one. The book is designed to be practical and contains many tips and suggestions as well as examples that can be used as the basis for the reader’s own Data Architectural definitions. It covers contemporary themes for Data Architecture and the chapters include; Data Modelling, Enterprise Data Models, Data Governance, Master Data Management and Big Data.