Data defines the modern world.

There is almost no area of human endeavour where data does not play a significant role, and its impact on us all accelerates every day.

The recent advances in technology and social changes, have transformed the ways in which we can create, harvest and use data that even 10 years ago, would have seemed totally incredible.

We really do live in the Data Age and we all have a part to play in how its future will unfold.

The potential for data to transform our personal lives through disruptive improvements to healthcare, education and communication is immense.  But these changes will bring additional far reaching impacts in their wake.

As yet, we have not started to grapple with many of these,  such as the ethical, moral and economic frameworks that we will need to adopt and adapt in the coming years.

My hope is that in the near future, we will be able to harness the power of data to yield real benefit for all of us and the planet as a whole, particularly for the environment.

I also hope that in its own humble way this site is of interest and in some way may bring benefit to you.

Best wishes


A few testimonials of Dave Knifton

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David's big picture vision to the database design and development was instrumental to building the core foundational components of CommBiz. These components laid the foundation for defining the pattern for a number of recurring classes of processes we continue to leverage and reuse today. I would highly recommend David to anyone who wants to design & build systems which need to achieve something extraordinary.
David Pike - Commonwealth Bank
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Dave is by far the most complete data architect I have met. He's been doing it (and teaching it) since the CASE Method days under Richard Barker at Oracle. I've learned more about domain modelling and data modelling, componentisation and event driven architectures from Dave than I have from anyone else. He is one smart guy. I'm fortunate to be associated with him, and to be able to call him a friend.
Simon Grabinar - Data Architect at ICBC Standard Bank Plc
The Data Point - Dave Knifton

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